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League Rules


The following are the official league rules, playing time & conduct expectations:

League Rules Apply for all divisions unless otherwise noted:

Section 1: Gameplay Rules

Uniforms: All players must wear their league provided uniform to all games.

Game Time: Each game consists of two 20 minute halves. The game clock will run continuously and will only stop during shooting fouls or referee initiated group substitutions.  The clock will then be stopped for all dead balls with less than two minutes left in each half.

Time Outs: Each team is awarded 3 time outs per game and they will carry over to overtime if needed.

Halftime: Halftime will be 4 minutes long unless the games are running over on time.  The referee will use his/her discretion whether to shorten halftime.

Overtime: In the event that overtime occurs; 1 additional time out will be granted and clock will be stop time

Team Fouls: On the 7th team foul of the half the opposing team will shoot 1 and 1 free throws.  On the 10th team foul of the half the opposing team willl shoot two free throws.

Playing Time: All players will play a minimum of 15 minutes per game, including play- offs, except if injured or being penalized for disciplinary reasons. If a player is being disciplined or penalized, coach’s shall make board aware of this ahead of time.

Sitting Time: All players will sit the bench a minimum of 10 minutes (or one quarter of the game if less than 40 minutes), including play-offs, except when a sufficient number of players are not available due to injury, discipline or non- attendance.

Substitutions Playoffs: players will be allowed to be randomly substituted in PLAYOFFS ONLY. This means that the “shift change” at the 5:00 minute intervals does not apply. You will be allowed to substitute on any whistle or timeout. All players shall check in at scorer’s table. This means that coaches will have to be diligent as to how they keep track of players playing time. Fair consideration shall be given to players of all playing ability and this does not relieve the team of the playing time requirements. Coaches should document the playing time to prevent any issues or complaints by other teams. Another team parent is suggested to keep track of players time to prevent this issue.

Substitution Regular Season: During the regular season; all players shall be substituted at the 5 minute mark- the rule is “empty the bench at every 5 minute interval”. This does not mean subbing at every “other” 5 minute mark; while still ensuring equal playing time. Substitutions shall be every 5 minutes- no exceptions.

Exceptions to Play Time Rules: If a team has 6 or fewer players available then the mandatory 10 minute sit rule will be abandoned for that game, for both teams.  If a player arrives late to a game the coach is able to reduce their playing time relative to the time of the game the player missed by being late.

Press: No full court press in 3rd/4th grade except for the last two minutes of game and overtime.  Note: Instructional division will only have defense playing to the defending 3 point line and no press is allowed at any time.

Mercy Rule: if point differential is twenty points or more, leading team cannot apply full court pressure.

Section 2: Player/Coach Conduct

Coach/Player Conduct and Complaints
1) If a complaint is filed with the Board regarding one or more players not receiving minimum playing time: The Board will assign a timer to log all players' time for the following game and future game(s) at random.

2) Board has the final decision on all play time complaints. If a Board representative is monitoring the game and feels that the playing time rule is not being adhered to, the Board member will direct the coach to make the correct substitution. If the said coach fails to comply; the coach will then face disciplinary action including removal from the game, gym or forfeiture of the game.

3) Any coach/player who receives 2 technical fouls in the same game shall be removed from the gym and face disciplinary action from the Board and possible suspension from future games.

4) Any and all exceptions to the minimum time rule must be reported to the opposing coach as soon as exceptions are realized.

Coaches Play Time Decisions:
The rules covering playtime in section 1 are provided to ensure equitable play time for all players.  For teams with only 7 or 8 players please ensure that all players are playing as equal time as possible.  As coaches you are tasked with ensuring a positive experience for all players regardless of skill level. Please remember that this is a recreation division.  Every child that signs up for this program deserves an equal chance to learn and play the game.  As the coach you are responsible for making sure this happens.  Any coach who is not displaying the behaviors outlined above can and will be disciplined by the board.

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